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Posted on 25th October 2015 by Wiggin

A TCG Update!

I am trying to have a better outlook on gaming. Instead of complaining about developers and industry trends, I want to play a game I like and enjoy it. Going forward, there will be a lot less focus on the shenanigans of developers and the industry. Things that matter such as gameplay,creating a close knit community, and having fun will be the main focus of The Curious Gamers. TCG will be less about critiquing industry choices and news and more about everything that makes gaming fun, including game mods and creating fun experiences and game servers.

I am also looking to start the weekly podcast again. Due to schedule conflicts it has been very difficult to maintain the former podcast schedule. This time, a more community type of podcast is what TCG is aiming for. A podcast where any gamer who is part of the community can participate every now and then. The Curious Gamers are also looking for a regular podcast member who would act as a podcast host and help provide some gaming related topics every week. If you're interested in being a primary podcast host. Send an email to with the subject “podcast” and the following information:

  • PC Setup
  • Internet Speed & Location
  • Microphone setup
  • Games you play and topics you would be interested in talking about on a podcast

If you like to write and would like to have your writing published, send a message to info@thecuriousgamers. If you would like to become a regular contributor, send a message with more information about yourself to

Also if you're a mod developer and would like some coverage for your mod, feel free to email with info about your mod and a link.