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Posted on 1st January 2016 by TCG

A Look Back on 2015

The Curious Gamers take a look back at 2015 and give opinions on games we have enjoyed throughout 2015. The games listed were not all released in 2015, however these games are the games we spent the most game time in or enjoyed the most throughout the year. Also listed are the top 3 games we are looking forward to playing in 2016. Happy New Year!


The game I enjoyed playing the most this year was The Sims 4. The patches released for the game and the Get to Work expansion made The Sims 4 more enjoyable. Ending 2015 with the Get Together expansion made The Sims 4 an enjoyable game in comparison to the launch of the game. I still wish some expansions were default with the base game but that is a topic for another day.

Grand Theft Auto V was another game that I enjoyed playing in 2015. Grand Theft Auto V is great to play with 3 friends (any more player than that make it difficult to find missions and jobs). GTA V also had a great single player story line. Okay, actually I adored switching between 3 main characters.

Tabletop simulator was a good game purchase for me in 2015. The possibilities of games to play are seemingly endless thanks to the Steam Workshop. Big thanks to the creator/workshop owner of Cards Against Humanity. The add-on is fun to play with a group of friends over VOIP. I think we should stream the next game. Who’s with me?

As much as Wiggin would hate me to say this, I have to state that there are no games I am looking forward to in 2016 yet. I’m sure that will change as soon as this is posted. Or maybe Half Life 3 will be released.


Favorite games of 2015

1) ED: Horizons

- I know it's an expansion but I've been looking forward to landing on a planet for a long time and the other additions to this expansion make me very eager to play. Ship launched fighters, co-op flying, looting/crafting, “panamax” freighters and maybe even combat ships that size, looks like a very fun year.

2) Tales of the Borderlands

-The final episode was released this year and I enjoyed every single moment of this series. I loved all the main characters and really, really hope that they make another season of this, even with new characters I wouldn't mind. The story telling was great, the ending was emotionally great, and I loved the music.

Athena is my spirit animal.

3) Fallout 4
-Being a big fan of Fallout 3 and New Vegas (besides the bugs,) Fallout 4 was a bit of a “no duh” and I couldn't wait to go back to the wasteland again. And even though they simplified some game play elements, the overall game was great. I wonder what else they could add with future DLC.

Looking forward to:

1) Mass Effect: Andromeda

-If you've read anything about me previously, did you honestly think I would say anything different? Since Shepard is gone, I would've been annoyed if they ignored that but now that they're going back to their roots: classic RPG stuff, searching, exploring, I really look forward to this new story as Bioware, ignoring ME3's ending, is REALLY good at storytelling and I look forward to driving the most beloved/hated vehicle again, the Mako.

2) Rise of the Tomb Raider (for PC)

-After the re-reboot of the series, Tomb Raider is officially in my book of great games. I never played any other in the series but fell in love with this one and Lara. If Lara was just discovering who she was in the first one, I can't wait to see how she “grows up” in the second. And now that it didn't sell so well on Xbox1 as hoped...who woulda thought restricting a popular game to one device would backfire?...and the release date for PC was sooner than expected. I can't wait to play.

3) Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

-This was a surprising one as to me it's announcement was just before Christmas. Going from big-ass space factory to big-ass land aircraft carrier/factory in the desert will take some getting used to but I look forward to seeing what would happen. And at the very least, the stories involved with the previous games were great; I wonder what this story will be about.


Favorite games

1) Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings

- A compitant baseball game on PC

2) Rocket League

- A mash up of Cars and Soccer with friends, great for a break from those AAA games.

3) GTA V

- My first real GTA experience. It was sweet with some sour bits here and there.

4) Elite Dangerous Horizions

- Enjoying the plannet landing and looking forward to more to come in 2016.

Looking forward to:

1) Ghost Recon Wildlands

An open world co-op game that hopefully lives up to expectations.

2) XCOM 2

The sequel to a game I have spent many hours in. The improvements look good and I'm excited to see what's to come.

3) E:D Horizons Season 2

With the release into early access of Horizons and planet landings I am both enjoying the game and also look forward with much anticipation to the content that’s forthcoming in 2016.