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Posted on 3rd October 2014 by Ice

Payday 2 Hotline Miami DLC

Hotline Miami DLC is the 9th DLC release for Payday 2. This DLC set adds 3 new sub-machine gun weapons, 5 new melee weapons, 8 new masks (plus new patterns and materials), achievements, and a 2-day Hotline Miami themed heist.

The new Hotline Miami heist includes a pre-planning map (similar to the Big Bank heist) and an optional meth lab objective if you are feeling greedy (similar to Rats heist). The new heist included in the DLC seems like it would be difficult, if not impossible, to attempt to complete using a stealth strategy. One of the more notable things I noticed upon playing the new heist is it seemed to have more depth in comparison to the original heists during the first day. The second day of the heist was more rushed and felt more like the Payday experience I am used to. Acting quickly to defuse C4 or preventing the Commissar from dumping all of the “product”.

Is it worth the $7? For fans of Payday 2 (especially those who have played Hotline Miami), yes! The new heist makes it worth it. I thought this new heist was well done. If you own Hotline Miami, a promotional discount of 10% is available until October 7th. Players can also play with another person who owns the DLC without owning it themselves.