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Posted on 4th October 2014 by TheLuckyTuck

EVE Online: Proposed Long-Distance Jump Travel

Recently in a dev-blog by CCP Greyscale, Greyscale proposed a series of changes to jump drive and portal based movement. The proposed changes include a 3 phase series of sweeping changes to shake up the current status quo and improve the stagnant state of Nullsec. Phase one which was included in the Devblog is focusing upon a new mechanic called "jump fatigue". It is tracked for each character, persisting between play sessions and over downtimes as appropriate

How it works is every time you use any jump drive, bridge, or portal, but does NOT include stargate travel, you will accumulate jump fatigue. The math for it is if your fatigue is below 1 before a jump, your fatigue post-jump will be 1+(light years travelled). For subsequent jumps, the fatigue is multiplied after each jump by 1+(light years traveled). This stays on the character and decays at a rate of 0.1 per minute. The second part of this mechanic is a jump cooldown timer.

The length of this timer is a number of minutes equal to your jump fatigue, BEFORE being increased by that jump you just activated. As it sounds, you are unable to perform a jump for the duration of that timer. It is important to know that because fatigue decays at a slower rate than the cooldown timer, you will retain your fatigue for a length of time after your cooldown timer expires. Additionally there is a minimum jump cooldown of 1+(light years traveled) minutes. This means that even after your jump cooldown timer expires and you perform another jump activation, it will be an extended cooldown timer than the previous before you are able to jump again. Keep in mind again that this does NOT include stargate travel.

Now with all math and numbers being said, an example will be provided below to help explain all that CCP is trying to do and how it will be applied in game. Another highlight of this article states the allowance of capital ships to use gates in low/nullsec. The aim of this is to make gate-to-gate travel take less time than jump travel over distances of more than 20 light years (LY). Allegedly they have run simulations for capital ships travelling between systems and settled on the target speed of no less than 3 minutes per lightyear for travel over 20LY. The intention of this is less sustained and constant use of jump travel, however still preserving its value for short bursts.

Some smaller additions to this that help compliment the promotion of gate to gate travel for capital ships than jump travel is the modification to the max distance of jump capable ships to 5LY after skills. This is intended to not penalize short-distance travel in a cleaner way and constrain the distance covered in single jump hops. Capital ships will still be prevented from enter Hi-Sec but has been hinted and being revisted in the future. Med clones will also only be able to be moved to the station you are currently docked in to prevent obvious workarounds with suicide-cloning. As well as various re-balances of multiple ships, starbase weapons, doomsdays however more information is still pending release from CCP.

Why is CCP releasing this now? Well as we all should be aware pilots of Eve, the landscape of Nullsec has taken a dramatic turn and twist for the dull and boring over the past few months this summer and since the end of the Halloween War last year. The two major power blocs N3/PL and the CFC are in a tense and nervous state of peace, utilitzing small skirmishes and engagments with 3rd parties (Provi-Bloc vs. HERO for example PL is notorious for looking for fights), nullsec is ultimately become rather dull and boring than in recent history over the past couple years. It has become difficult to recruit and draw new players and Hi-Sec players into low/nullsec alliances and coaltions due in part because of the day to day lack of actions and events.

Big fights are great and cool, but they have been crowding out more accessible and more frequent smaller fights, once again the example in Prov-bloc vs HERO which fights have been continually ruined by the blapping of PL fleets and ruining the good fights Provi-Bloc and HERO are looking for between each other, as shown by the extreme frustration expressed by some HERO FC's. With the use of stargates for capital ships, in hopes of non-trivial capital flight escalations and the number of parties involved is rather encouraging, as I am very much interested in more localized fights and smaller-scaled engagements in both low/nullsec. I would very much like this. CCP is confident that this will shake up the overall system of low/nullsec gameplay and take it in a better direction and although it isn't the total answer, I can partially agree and am curious to see how the major power blocs adapt and change to these new mechanics. The first phase of anticipated changes will be coming out in Phoebe in November and follow-up adjustments in Rhea in December.

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