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Posted on 26th October 2014 by TCG

TCG Thoughts: F.E.A.R Online

During our Sunday group stream, TCG Contributors played the recently released F.E.A.R Online Co-op and player vs player gameplay. We stuck with Team Deathmatch. We also played some of Co-op but that was cut short because we needed consumable items in order to continue playing the Co-Op. These are our initial thoughts on the game and if you want a more in-depth listen to the podcast or check out our full review.

Wiggin: Being a huge fan of the original F.E.A.R series I was initially really excited that there was going to be a new F.E.A.R game coming to the market that had both Co-op and PvP experiences. This excitement was quickly destroyed when I learned it was going to be Free to play. With that information in hand, I took the plunge into F.E.A.R Online hoping for the best. I can say with extreme certainty after 2+ hours into the game that it was an overwhelming disappointment for me. They stripped away 90% of the F.E.A.R elements and watered down the mechanics to allow for anyone to “enjoy” the first person shooting experience.

Ice: I was already rolling my eyes at the thought of having to play this game after watching Wiggin play this game previously. After playing this game, I was very disappointed in the co-op. Waiting 8 hours for the operation plans to regenerate just to play the co-op is unacceptable. This isn’t a mobile app or Facebook game. In my opinion, this type of business model doesn’t belong in a first person shooter game. The deathmatch PvP left a lot to be desired in comparison to other FPS games I have played. Another complaint I have about this game is the lack of ability to key bind anything to Mouse 4 and Mouse 5 buttons.

Cardi: I came into this hoping for some interesting asymmetrical multiplayer or at the very least some fun co-op missions. Instead I got uninspired generic deathmatch PvP with unstable servers and a co-op mode that sucks up buyable tokens to play it. Add to it an unintuitive user interface as well as some serious game breaking bugs (I could only hear the sound of my gun and no one else’s) that led to a terrible experience and I don’t think I’ll be giving this a second try.

Pallydoom: Personally I found FEAR Online to be a huge disappointment. As a major fan of the franchise, I was let down by the game's mediocre co-op mode that was nothing more than a run and gun that requires the purchase of operation plans to play that are purchasable with real word currency or regenerate over time at a very slow rate. The team death match was also a letdown as its really just a laggy pay to win spray and pray that includes a few monster in a box frights that are scripted, repetitive, and get old fast. Sadly this game fails to deliver on the suspenseful thrill-fest that made the original FEAR games such a joy to play and is more or less a clone of many of the already available more polished free to play FPS's that are available.

What are your thoughts on F.E.A.R. Online? Be sure to discuss it on our forums and be sure to watch the podcast for a longer look on the topic!