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Posted on 4th November 2014 by TCG

TCG Thoughts: BlazeRush

For the TCG Sunday group stream, the contributors played the newly released dynamic arcade racing survival game BlazeRush. The only game mode played was the online multiplayer. Below are our first impressions of BlazeRush:

Wiggin: Blazerush is one of those games you see and you think to yourself “that looks kinda cool but I don't think the single player would hold my attention for very long”. I have spent a total of about 30 min in the single player in an attempt to unlock 3 locked cars you can only unlock in the single player. The rest of the 3 hours have been spent in multiplayer with TCG members and having quite a lot of fun. It is like Mario Kart from a side view where all the cars are visible on the screen at once and if you fall behind you get teleported onto the screen. I had quite a lot of fun with this game my only bit of annoyance was that you NEED a controller to play in any competitive fashion and it just gives you a much better experience. I expect to put a few more hours into in the coming weeks.

Ice: When I initially saw BlazeRush, I knew I had to try the game. I do not regret this purchase. This game was more fun and hilarious than I thought it would be. It is fun to knock other players off of the track and make players rage or crack up laughing. The game play seems balanced and the weapon/projectiles are so much fun to use and mess with. The different track types and game modes (King of the Hill, Race, Death Race) keep the game interesting. This game is great to play with friends. BlazeRush is much easier to play with a controller instead of the keyboard but that is in line with most racing type games. I would recommend checking this game out.

Cardi: BlazeRush is some serious fun with friends, an awesome arcade racing game with some pretty good particle effects and bubblehead-like vehicles which lead to some serious laughs and a lot of cursing on my end. My only complaints are this game seems to be designed with a controller in mind; I’ve found the keyboard to be very finicky making it pretty hard to play with one and the isometric camera can be a bit of a pain to keep track of where you are on the race. Honestly if you’ve got friends who love beating the hell out of each other, then this is the game you want. I can’t wait to make Wiggin nerd rage some more.

Pallydoom: I really enjoyed this game far more than I expected. Having never been a fan of the isometric racing genre I found myself actually getting into this one. It absolutely brought back the memories of sitting on my couch playing video games with a friend – a feeling the industry has utterly failed to give me for years now. It’s like multi-player RC-Pro Am set in the 21st century. It sports some very pretty graphics for what it is, lots different vehicles and power-ups, and most of all tons of fun. If I have any complaints at all about the game they would be that it can get a bit hard to see where you’re going at times if you get too far ahead or behind because the screen view is shared amongst all players and the keyboard controls in a word, suck. So get yourself a gamepad to truly enjoy this title. I can’t see myself getting into the single player modes unless it’s to unlock some of the other cars and power-ups to get an edge over my competition and after an hour or two it does start to get a little played out, but for shorter gaming sessions that you can jump right into it’s a blazingly good time.

What do you think of BlazeRush ?