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Posted on 11th November 2014 by TCG

TCG Thoughts: Killing Floor

For the TCG Sunday group stream, the contributors played the 6-Player co-op survival horror game Killing Floor. Below are short reviews from The Curious Gamers contributors:

Wiggin: Killing Floor was played this week and I have to say I miss it a bit. Well, I miss the gun play and feeling that you're actually holding a weapon that feels and sounds like it might hurt whatever it is you're pointing it at. This game has always felt good to play even if the game feels a lot like the Left 4 Dead series. I think it executes it a lot better. There are a lot of weapons to choose from and that adds a lot for me seeing as that means there are a lot of different ways to murder the zombies. Each one makes you feel powerful and has sounds that add a lot to the power fantasy. While the Unreal Engine is showing its age and at this point in a desperate need of an upgrade (Killing Floor 2), the gun play and abundance of levels and Co-Op with friends makes this my top pick when it comes to zombies horde based shooters any day of the week.

Ice: Killing floor is still a great game to play with friends even if it did come out in 2009. ZEDtime still makes me jump and helps with headshot accuracy. And multiple waves of zombies (or specimen but I’m still calling the hordes zombies). The game play is great and if you don’t own this game yet, you should question yourself why and pick it up. Money, money, money!

Cardi: Ya it may be an older title now but I still get a kick out of playing it with friends. I still love the bullet time as well as their classes, the guns feel great and powerful and while the game-play may only consist of a horde mode it makes up for it with some pretty decently sized maps. In the end this worth snagging and playing with friends and given how many times its on sale there’s no reason not to own this game.

Ozzy Osborn: Yeah it's an old game running on an old engine with old textures and old sounds and old interface and like the Source engine it really shows it's age in this modern age but who really cares about that? The mechanics and game-play never drag it down and playing with friends makes it even more fun to play. Just the mindless “get kills, get monies, get better weapons” keep that drive going. It's a small sized game, being old it's cheap, and you get hours of fun out of it. And for you achievement whores out there, there are plenty of those too. After playing again, I once again look forward to the sequel.