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Posted on 7th September 2014 by Wiggin

Sims 4 Cheats

So far, the following cheat commands have been discovered. Thankfully, the cheat codes are similar to previous versions of the Sims.

First open the cheat console: Ctrl + Shift + C Then enter AlwaysAllowBuildBuy before entering another cheat

“testingcheats on” or “testingcheats true/false” - debugging cheats enabled

*As with previous Sims versions, shift-click(ing) on an object displays a debugging pie.

“help” - Lists some available commands

“fullscreen on/off” - Toggles between fullscreen & windowed mode

“fps on/off” - Toggles frame rate display

“Headlineefects on/off” - Hides or shows thought bubbles, talk bubbles, and plubbob

“resetsim [sim first & last name] – Rescue your stuck Sim.

“quit” - Displays game menu to exit game

“kaching” - Adds 1000 simoleons to active house

“motherlode” - Adds 50,000 simoleons to active house