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Posted on 18th December 2014 by Ice

What’s in Early Access? Nosgoth*

What is Nosgoth? Nosgoth is a multiplayer action-adventure game developed by Psyonix on the Unreal Engine 3. Nosgoth is a third-person game where matches consist of two rounds where players play as Vampires or Humans. The team with the most points wins the match. Currently Nosgoth is in closed beta.

Ice’s thoughts: I found the first few hours of playing Nosgoth enjoyable. Bugs and technical difficulties do appear to be addressed however difficulties with matchmaking and the party system did arise. Although no dates have been released yet for the new character class or open beta, further information can be found on the blog.

Registration can be found here.

*We are not compensated for any of articles that appear here. These are just posted because we were enjoying the beta ourselves or think that others might.