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Posted on 17th December 2014 by Ice

What’s in Early Access? Radial G: Racing Revolved*

What is Radial G: Racing Revolved? Radial G is a racing game developed and published by Tammeka Games with unique tracks, futuristic race craft, and Occulus Rift support with the option to play single player or multiplayer.

Ice’s Thoughts: I am not a big fan of racing games however I found this game to be fun to play. I decided to play this game after seeing a YouTube comment with a response to a podcast discussion about the game looking slow (The comment: “Part of the apparent speed issue is the game runs at 75 FPS but YouTube downgrades it to 30 FPS making it look slower, we need to upload some 60 FPS videos.”). After playing Radial G single player mode, I found that it does run faster than it appears on videos. If you are into sci-fi racing games and would like to play a title that is still in development, this is one you want to try.

Wiggin's Thoughts: After spending about a half an hour with the game my initial opinion is that it is “meh” at this stage in development. There is not a lot of content there, the 3 different flying space ships look different but stats are not listed for them thus giving no information on the benefits of using one over the other. As far as issues mentioned in the podcast about the feeling of speed, I can say that even in playing the game (at 60fps @60 htz), the game feels “slow”. Once you acquire a few speed boosts built into the track you get moving at a decent clip but I would like that to be the default speed. I still don't understand the point of “looking into the turn” as you can do this with the right thumb-stick and also VR. The tracks are really bright so there is never a real question of where you are going or ability to get lost. It may be a more enjoyable game in the future and playing with friends but as we say a lot around here at TCG “we will just have to wait and see”. I understand it is an early access game and I would refer you to my numerous rants on the podcast about why I dislike early access titles and this is no different. Also, there were no multiplayer servers up when I was playing.

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