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Posted on 31st January 2015 by Ice

Curious Mods: Add More CAS Traits (The Sims 4)

A new series focusing on PC mods.

Ice takes a look at Add More CAS Traits, a mod that enables more CAS Traits in The Sims 4.

The install can be found at

The CAS traits than can be added are: Bookworm, Art Lover, Loves Outdoors, Genius, Good, Gloomy, Perfectionist, Goofball, Cheerful, Lazy, Outgoing, Geek. Slob, Loner, Neat, Mean, Hot-headed, Glutton, Evil, Self-Assured, Creative

Traits that cannot be added to a child are: Materialistic, Foodie, Bro, Ambitious, Clumsy, Snob, Family-Oriented, Non-Committal

For more info, check out the video: