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Posted on 5th February 2015 by Ice

The Good, The Bad, and The Opinion: PIXELMAN

PIXELMAN is a high score chaser currently on the Google Play store created by Kindermann Corp.

In PIXELMAN, you play as a flying super hero by the name Pixelman and rescue citizens of Pixville from the villain Baron Von Pixel. The object of the game is to keep the character’s heroic energy up by saving the citizens while avoiding traps, crashing into buildings, running into traffic, and weapons such as rockets and bombs.

The controls are easy to learn. Tap on the screen to move up, release to move down. To move faster, swipe forward. I played this game on a Nexus 7 and found no issues with the controls.

One of the things I really enjoy about the game is the music…even if Cardi says it sounds like Simon. The music reminds me of old school NES and SNES game music.

PIXELMAN can be found on the Google Play store for free with ads or the full game is available for 99 cents (normally $1.99). The ads in the game are pretty clever and give a little humorous back story on the programmer and artist. The free version does have a limit on the podiums that can be unlocked. The paid version states there are no limits or timers and of course no ads. At this time, I played the free version.

The downfall of this game is that there are no cats as citizens. Men, women, and dogs could be rescued. Sorry kitty, Pixelman won’t be rescuing you from the top of the building.

Overall, I thought PIXELMAN was an enjoyable game to play. The free version of the game didn't take away from the gameplay although sometimes the ad time felt a bit lengthy. PIXELMAN is a great game for anyone looking for a retro gaming type experience on their android device.

Although there was no date given, PIXELMAN will also be released on iOS and Steam.