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Posted on 3rd March 2015 by Ice

Influent Brazilian Portuguese DLC Release


Influent Brazilian Portuguese DLC pack was released 02/20/2015. UI language packs for Spanish, Italian, European Portuguese, and Brazilian Portuguese were also released. If you already own Influent, the DLC is $4.99. If you are looking to get started playing Influent, the first language of your choice is $9.99.

Influent is a really fun and interactive way to learn vocabulary for a new language. If you are looking for assistance with learning nouns, verbs, and adjectives of one of the available languages, this is a unique title worth picking up.

European Portuguese, Korean, German, Latin, Russian, Italian, Spanish, French, Swedish, Bulgarian, Mandarin, Chinese, English, European Portuguese, and Japanese language packs are available.

Check out the article or the Influent website for more information