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Posted on 25th February 2016 by Ice

The Good, The Bad, and The Opinion: PIXELMAN (Steam Version)

PIXELMAN is a retro styled, high-score chaser game now available on Steam created by Kindermann Corp.

Last year, I reviewed PIXELMAN for Android. A lot has been updated in the last year!

In PIXELMAN, you can play as Pixelman or Pixelgirl to rescue citizens of Pixelville from the villain Baron Von Pixel. The object of the game is to keep the character’s heroic energy up by savings Pixelian’s. While rescuing civilians, the character must avoid rockets, bombs, lasers, traffic, and crashing into buildings.

Just like the Android version, controls in PIXELMAN were very easy to learn. The PC/Steam version of PIXELMAN has keyboard, mouse, and controller support. At this time, PIXELMAN was played with keyboard and mouse. The character is much easier to maneuver with the mouse in comparison to the keyboard arrow keys.

One of the new additions to PIXELMAN is a present containing power ups. Power up mode makes the character faster and multiplies the combo meter and score. The power up shields from one hit of damage before losing the power up. Pixelman and Pixelgirl can also use a fireball to destroy Baron Von Pixel or damage a building (oops).

One of the things I (still) enjoy about the game is the music. It’s hard not to like the NES style game music and sound effects. It is also nice to have an option to choose between genders for the main characters.

PIXELMAN is now on Steam for $2.54. Normal price appears to be $2.99. This game also has Steam achievements and Steam Cards.

I was shocked at first to see that PIXELMAN is in Early Access. The developers do mention via Steam store page that the game is fully playable but are looking to include more to the game based on player feedback. From my experience, Kindermann Corp. takes feedback and suggestions from players to heart so it will be interesting to see how PIXELMAN further evolves.

PIXELMAN is an amusing and humorous 8-bit style game to play. It is addictive, simple, and highly recommended. The bombs, rockets, and truck explosions will not leave you disappointed.

Bonus:Podcast mention from last year.