TeamSpeak Information

The Curious Gamers is pleased to provide its members with a free-to-use TeamSpeak 3 server. TeamSpeak 3 is a Voice Over IP (VoIP) communication system which allows gamers to communicate via voice-chat while in game. It provides and easier-to-use method of communication than typing, and can allow for quicker organization in-game. It is a great tool and is free for all members to use.

First, after you've downloaded and installed TeamSpeak 3 , you will create your username. This should be the same name you use on the forums, without the [zG] tag. After that, use the following information to connect to the server:

Server Address: thecuriousgamers .com | 123.456.78.90

Once connected, you may go to the Guest Lobby. Find a member with a [CD], [AD], [DL], [DO], [GL], [EC], or [LT] icon and request they register you. Once that happens, voila, your TeamSpeak account is fully setup.

The above staff members will have Channel Admin status, so if there is ever an issue with a spammer or another member, please contact them or PM them on the forums. If you have any questions, head on over to the forums and ask away!

You can download the TeamSpeak 3 VOIP Client here